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錺之 オーバルボックス_小

Features of products

Enjoy the unique Japanese decoration

Japanese traditional patterns are loved over time.

Enjoy the combination of metal luster and "decoration" that can only be found in Kazarikanagu.

Grow your own color and gloss created by aging

Copper, brass and phosphor bronze materials are attractive for their soft color and elegant luster.

The more you use it, the more it oxidizes the surface and creates a unique taste. The longer you use it, the more you can enjoy the change in color and texture.

Antibacterial effect of copper gives relief

The antibacterial effect is recognized for copper and copper alloys such as brass and phosphor bronze.(※Details of antimicrobial efficacy are provided at the bottom of the page.)

You can use it with confidence because the risk of contact infection with the COVID-19, which is currently rampant, is reduced.

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KAZARINO Money clip


+ Size / approx. L 71×W 45(mm) thickness:approx. 6(mm)

+ Material / Phosphor bronze

+ Pattern / Shippou (Cloisonne pattern)・Seigaiha (blue ocean wave pattern)・Karakusa (arabesque pattern)・Tsuchime・Sazanami (ripple)

+Price / ¥9,900 (including tax)

A money clip with an ornament on the surface, using the technique of making Kazarikanagu,(traditional Japanese decorative metal fitting).

Because it is made of phosphor bronze, which has excellent spring properties and high strength, it does not become loose due to wear and can be used for a long time.

Due to the characteristics of the material, the more you use it, the deeper the color changes and you can enjoy the unique texture.

The curved portion of the clip at the end of the clip makes it easy to insert and remove bills.

The maximum number of bills that can be folded is 15.

This money clip is recommended for those who feel uncomfortable with the pocket swelling and those who want to be a smart adult man.

+ Size / approx. D 149×W 220×H 85 (mm)

+ Weigh t/  approx. 900g (Brass) ・ 950g(Copper)

+ Material / Copper・Brass

+ Pattern / Shippou (Cloisonne pattern)・Seigaiha (blue ocean wave pattern)・Tsuchime・Sazanami (ripple)

+ Price / ¥38,500 (including tax)

An oval box with an ornament on the surface, using the technique of making Kazarikanagu,(traditional Japanese decorative metal fitting).

The shape imitates a shaker box born in America.

Please put your favorite things such as medicines, important letters, photos and sewing tools inside.

The oval box itself is an accent to the interior, not a storage container for hiding.

As you use it more and more, the color of copper and brass becomes darker, and it gradually becomes shiny like an antique.

The aging of the material changes depending on how you touch it and where you placed it. Therefore, as time goes on, it will become the only unique texture in the world, and you can enjoy it for a long time.

(Unfortunately, not all items are available for shipping outside Japan.)

※ About the antibacterial effect of copper

Copper and brass are effective in inactivating the influenza virus and norovirus that are prevalent every year.

They also have a bactericidal effect against pathogenic E. coli O -157 and Legionella bacteria.

It is also highly effective against the COVID-19 that is currently very prevalent.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the activation time of the the COVID-19 is up to 48 ~ 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, but it is extremely short — up to four hours on copper surfaces — so it is expected to reduce the risk of contact infections.

Moreover, these antibacterial effects last forever.

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