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 Brand Concept 

A world without "decoration" is boring.

On your first date with someone you're in love with, wearing a cool watch or accessory can turn your tension into confidence and look forward.


On the day when you have a fun appointment, you get  more excited when you put full makeup on  and keep your hair style.

Decorating your room for a birthday party or Christmas party will make you feel more and more fun.

"decorate" oneself , "decorate " a space.

Both "decorate" have the power to inspire confidence and excite mood.

Beyond "decorate" there is always fun and a positive future.

Kazarikanagu that we have been making in Kyoto for about 50 years are traditional Japanese metal fittings that "decorate" Buddhist altars and shrines and temples.

With the idea of making people happy with the power of "decorate" ,we are making things that can be enjoyed in everyday life using technology in Kazarikanagu.

"KAZARINO" products are attractive with the high-grade metallic luster and the "decoration" unique to metal fittings.

Here are KAZARINO's goals

We want you to enjoy  "KAZARINO" products with your eyes.

We want you to use "KAZARINO" products with familiarity.

We want to give you the power of "decoration", that is, the power to improve your feelings and create confidence.


Believe that your heart will turn upward and smile naturally.


A world with "decoration", that is, a happy world full of smiles is sure to be fun.


What is kazarikanagu?

Kazarikanagu is the traditional Japanese metal fittings with delicate and gorgeous sculptures.

Its role is to decorate temples, shrines, Buddhist altars , mikoshi ( portable shrines) and sword fittings.

Kazarikanagu has a history of more than 1400 years.

It was used in the Kondo (main hall) of Horyu-ji Temple of the Asuka period, which is the oldest wooden building in Japan.

Kazarikanagu not only provides the buildings high-quality decors, but also functions as reinforcement and protection for them.

It is formed by cutting a copper plate, knocking it with a hammer, bending it, carving it, and gilding it to finish.


Hand work and machine work

We have been manufacturing the traditional Japanese decorative metal fittings  for about 50 years here in Kyoto, Japan.

"KAZARINO" products  are made using both  the traditional hand-carving techniques and the mechanical technology together.

We highly value the warm texture created by elaborate handwork.

By incorporating machine technology into the tradition, we offer you stable and high quality "KAZARINO" products.

The origin of the name "KAZARINO"

​While continuing the tradition of kazarikanagu, We will open up new roads.

We will expand the possibilities of kazarikanagu.

We will make people happy with the power of "decoration" of Kazarikanagu.

We put this determination into the kanji for "之"

The kanji for "之" means "go straight" or "reach".

We combined such meaning with positive images such as "go straight toward the dream of making people happy with Kazarikanagu." and "carve out a new path for Kazarikanagu".

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